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    January 25, 2010


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    Haley Stone

    Well seeing how I have never been out of the US my favorite place would be St. Louis. That's where the family is. MISS YOU ALL

    I would love to go to South Africa

    Vianey G.

    My favorite place is Guanajuato, Mexico, that's where they have a mommies museum and it all looks so colonial. I love it.

    Now I'd like to visit Transylvania.



    3 years ago I backpacked for a few months across the capitol reef national park in utah, Its such a beautiful and magical place, hundreds of miles from civilization,I have never heard true silence or seen such stars until then.

    I would love to visit Scotland, see the country side and enjoy the people that live there. I'd like to travel all over, every spot in the world has its beauty and can teach you something. :)

    The bracelet is very beautiful!

    xo, Amarie
    my email is


    my favourite of all the places i've been is definately sweden. but i was too young that time to appreciate it.

    and i really want to visit norway and ireland. i'm in love with the landscape of these countries (:

    - sanja


    My favorite place is Barcelona, Spain. I fell in love HARD with that whole city when I visited a few years ago. One of my favorite aspects was the incredible street art!

    I would love to visit one of my best friends in Costa Rica. She just moved down there and my boyfriend and I are talking about taking a motorcycle trip down to visit her. Dream come true!

    Julie Hadley

    My favorite place is a little beach on the northern coast of Grand Cayman.
    Someday, I'd love to visit Greece.

    Rebecca MacLean

    My favorite place is Paris and I would love to go to Bali :)

    my email is

    Maurine Anderson

    My favorite city in the whole entire world that I've been to is Nice, France. The beaches have pebbles instead of sand!

    I would love to go to Australia and jump around with the kangaroos.


    Lea Swan

    I love Victoria, BC, Canada. My husband and I honeymooned there, plus we have brought our two boys there a couple of times. I would love to go to the Mediterranean someday (specifically Greece)....sigh.

    My email is


    I haven't done much travelling yet, but I really love Newfoundland. It's so beautiful. I love the mountains and the ocean. I would really love to go to Australia and Spain someday in the near future.

    Elizabeth B

    My favorite place has been Petit Jean State Park/Mountain. I loved all the rocks I could climb on and the views were awesome!
    One day I want to go to Italy and Greece. They are on the top of my list of places I want to go!!


    I'm Alyssa and my favorite place I have been is Hobart/Crown Point Indiana which is a little town where my grandparents and dad live and there are so many amazing memorys there, especially ones with LOTS of clothing and snow! That and we always go camping out on bass lake...and no, I do not know if there are any bass in the actual lake.
    The one place I have to go before I die is Paris, France. It's the one place in the world im obsessed with (the decor in my room will prove it!)

    Toril Gilberg

    Oh, there's so many beautiful places in the world, but since Im from Norway, I gotta say somewhere on the west coast of Norway, or maybe the north? Tromsø and Bergen is really beautiful.

    But if I have to chose another contry, I have to say England. Yeah, that's right. England is really beautiful! Especially the south, like Bournemouth :)

    Somewhere I want to go gotta be New York. I've always wanted to go there, just to take lots and lots of pictures.

    I gotta say that you got a beautiful page! <3



    Oh wow this is brilliant. Love them.

    Please count me in. Thanks.
    Your chance to win mine:
    You can find me on the red carpet on Number 59. Thanks.


    i'm a big fan of berlin. i spent 6 weeks there and i still dream of going back there one day. a couple of weeks ago, i met someone that came from the neighbourhood that i lived in, kreuzberg! it was the first time that she had ever met that knows that area...
    i dream of japan and experiencing its culture.

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