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    January 15, 2010


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    Welcome Carpenter

    hey! love your page ;)
    a few names:
    "eye candy" or "i wear eye candy",
    "blue vintage" ,"vintage vixen"

    there...if i think of more Ill let you know :)


    what about 'put it together'. or 'pull it together'. cute rompers pictured.


    fashion du jour
    of the moment
    hot threads
    the style file


    Style Fly
    Fashion Madness
    A Piece of Style

    These are random I know haha but thats what popped in my head


    Here are some thoughts:

    What You See is What You Get
    Firefly Fashion
    New To You - Chic Fashion
    Klothing Keepsakes or Clothing Keepsakes.

    I love the Alice & Olivia Romper <3 !!!

    Nike Dunks

    We support you! Do your best! Wish you everything goes well!

    custom wedding dresses

    this may sound crazy people but I live for GaGa !!!!! Lol

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    I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here!

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