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November 13, 2009


Vanessa Brantley-Newton

OOOOH Be still my heart!!! This is the cutest post ever! I just love a baby! Pure and simple as that! This is so wonderfully sweet!!! yes I am still doing my tour with the CD and book. I will be slowing down cause I'm going to south carolina for the holidays and I will be working on a couple of new books that have to be finished by January! So this kid is going to need a break he he he! What are you doing for the holidays?? Hope all is well with you.


Those photos just made me smile!!! Thanks for sharing them! I also LOVE you approach to "simple" posts (you spoke of in a previous post). I have pretty simple thoughts, too. . .it's very easy to tell by the topics I write about. I just know I love your blog and always love visiting you!

Hope your Pink Sat. was great. . . we're having lots of rain in KC today and this evening. . . . maybe a couple of snowflakes tomorrow! ICK!

L, Dana


That is two pretty little pinkies you have there. I know they bring joy to your family.

Happy Pink Saturday, Caren.


giggling babies....perfection! Someone sent me a video the other day of a Mom with her quintuplets laying all around her and every single one of them was laughing at something we could not see in the background that their Daddy was doing. It was priceless!!


Your great nieces are just beautiful. Her giggle had me smiling. Happy,happy Pinks always..


Aren't they just the cutest, first dance, how special and yes, discovering the tongue is a great thing, now we can have an ice cream cone, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Mollye Self

You betcha it counts for pink. Pink goodness all around. Mollye

Bella Sinclair

AWWWWWWW! They are ADORABLE! I just want to gobble them up! And there's NOTHING better than the sound of baby giggles. Oh my goodness. The perfect remedy for the grumblies.


Caren, what darling children! Love the boots, and yes, I do know some giggling babies. But I always think that each one is super special. There is nothing like hearing a baby giggle and seeing that cute smile! Makes me smile to see it.

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila :-)


Aren't they just the most adorable kiddies. Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday :)


Yupper, baby giggles are the best!

Happy Pink Saturday. Be sure to stop by my blog to participate in my gift certificate giveaway.

karen cox

What adorable children. You know I was think about you this Wednesday. I had to go into Newbury Street in Boston to go to the dentist. Well, I couldn't very well have been there and not do some window shopping. I went into this shop called The Fairy Shop. The steps to the brownstone shop were lined with garden gnomes and then inside they had wonderful fairy bliss, and they sold fairy doors large wooden ones. I was thinking about your lovely fairy doors and how they would have been a perfect addition to their shop.

Have a fairy Pink Saturday.



Happy Pink Saturday Caren...
I love your pink post. What can be better than the face of a child?

Brynley looks so sweet in her little dance leotards and her boots. French how devine is that? You all are starting her early.

Bryar has the most precious little smile, and I would say yes that little tongue counts as pink also.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, please stop by and let me share my pink post with you.

Country hugs and love...Sherry


Your nieces are very sweet. They are both just darling. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.


Good morning Caren. Your great nieces are so darling. Love those French boots.

Hugs, Jeanne

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